Sustainability Consulting

While Environmental Sustainability is the goal of every responsible business and institution, measuring and then reducing your organization’s carbon and total environmental footprints is not a simple undertaking. There are many diverse issues and complexities to be considered if a sustainable development program is to result in real and measurable reductions in an organization’s impact on the earth’s environment.


Whether your organization already has an established sustainable development program, or is just starting to formalize one, BaselineES can help you identify and achieve your sustainability goals. We provide a wide range of engineering and consulting services to help companies and institutions measure and reduce their carbon and other environmental footprints and grow their organizations using sustainable development principles and practices.

These services include:

Program Development and Management

For some major customers, BaselineES manages their entire sustainability program. This includes the coordination of internal stakeholder and program oversight teams and committees, identification and analysis of potential carbon footprint reduction and other sustainability measures, management of sustainability measure implementation, and analysis and measurement of the results achieved, including a comparison with the sustainability efforts of the client’s peer group.

We can also produce your annual and quarterly corporate sustainability reports, sustainability program presentations and case studies for you to use to communicate your environmental profile, progress and current sustainability initiatives to both internal and external stakeholders.

Carbon Footprint Accounting

BaselineES offers total life cycle carbon footprint evaluation for existing and new facilities, including facility construction, equipment, operating, remodel/repair, and decommissioning/demolition carbon emissions estimation and accounting. Using custom web-based software and systems, Baseline can calculate and analyze the total carbon footprint of your organization’s facilities and operating activities quickly and accurately. graph

Once the carbon footprint analysis has been conducted, BaselineES can help our customers develop carbon footprint reduction programs for existing facilities and operations. We provide our clients access to their carbon accounting results in both Excel and web format, with built-in graphing, drill down, and “what if” tools to allow easy access to full and partial views of all data and facilitate in-depth analysis. Our reports include “constant E-Grid factor” and constant consumption year-over-year analyses to allow clients to see their progress towards reducing their carbon footprint on and the impact of externalities in their electricity supply on this progress. We also provide a “headroom analysis”, which estimates the client’s facilities’ carbon footprints in the base-case scenario, using the lowest possible carbon electricity and fuel choices reasonably available. This allows our customers to quickly determine the level of opportunity for carbon reduction available from simple switching to a greener electricity source or switching heating fuel times, where such options are available.

Engineering Services

BaselineES is not only able to work with our customers to identify ideas for projects to reduce their impact on the environment, but is also able to engineer, construction manage, and commission those projects during their implementation.

BaselineES provides:

  • Low and zero lifecycle carbon facility prototype design and development
  • LEED design and certification
  • BREEAM design and certification
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, and facility control and automation system criteria development and full engineering design
  • Commercial refrigeration and kitchen exhaust system engineering
  • Building commissioning and re-commissioning of all kinds.

Additionally, BaselineES offers our customers the option of having their new projects monitored on a continuing basis after startup and commissioning, to make sure all environmental and commercial goals and benefits are achieved. This sets us apart from many other companies working in sustainability services areas.