The Baseline Advantage

BaselineES works solely as the customer’s agent, so there is never any doubt about whose interests we are serving. BaselineES does not manufacture or sell equipment of any kind, represent the equipment and services of any other company, or directly provide installation contracting services. We are not owned by an equipment manufacturer, a contractor, or any other third party.

This means we are able to develop the best possible facility design, facility construction, and facility operating solutions for our customers based on completely unbiased assessments of all available building design, equipment, and construction options. 

BaselineES principals have years of international experience in HVAC, control system, and refrigeration system design and facility management on both the customer and vendor sides. We know where our client’s cost savings opportunities and challenges lie, and how to tailor our solutions to successfully address both. BaselineES takes the best facility design and management technologies and techniques from around the world and adapts them to create unique solutions that precisely meet our individual customer’s specific requirements. Our services and solutions are always creative, fact-based, environmentally sensitive, and technology-centered.