Our Achievements

BaselineES’ principals and engineers have designed and implemented cost-effective HVAC and refrigeration systems, control systems, and energy/maintenance management and expense reduction programs for major retail and commercial customers in the USA, Asia Pacific, and the UK. Baseline principals have been responsible for the development or implementation of all of the following:

  • Large-scale retail chain re-commissioning and new store commissioning projects in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Korea, and China
  • The first zero ozone-depleting US supermarket
  • The retrofit of over 2 miles of open multi-deck refrigeration showcases with glass doors
  • The first refrigerated distribution center to use pre-manufactured rooftop mechanical centers and electronic expansion valve control of large capacity industrial evaporators
  • The first US prison with full cogeneration central power and boiler plant
  • Full-scale field tests of variable speed condenser fan control, variable speed small screw compressor control, and electronic expansion valves
  • The first US supermarket chain deployments of electronic refrigerated fixture controllers, expansion valves, refrigeration demand defrost control, and variable speed air handler fan controls
  • The first integrated FMS/CMMS/EAM system rollout in the retail industry worldwide